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Artists don’t retire

Tiberius, now 73, figured that between his wife’s income, his Social Security benefits and the pension from his time as a researcher in Toronto, he could afford to spend more time in the studio at his Coconut Grove home. But he wasn’t ready to quit the university.

“When you’re cultivating something , growing something — whether it’s a business, painting or academic work — it’s hard to leave it,” Tiberius says.

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  1. Susan Feldman

    I really enjoyed your article. I to am a palette knife artist and belong to the Palette Knife Artists of Miami headed by Mai Yap. I will share your information with our members. Sincerely, Susan Feldman

    1. RichardTiberius

      Thank you, Susan! We have responded via email.

  2. Teresa

    I am blown away by your art !
    Which country are you from ?

    1. RichardTiberius

      Thank you very much! We are from both Canada and USA (dual citizens). We currently live in Florida.

  3. Chris

    Do u two have a site to view and perhaps buy some of your art?

    1. RichardTiberius

      This is the correct website to view our work. For sales, we will email you a price list for the original oil paintings as well as information about our giclée prints.

  4. Lise Broder

    Absolutely stunning. Father daughter artists how interesting. Your artwork blew me away
    absolutely beautiful!!!

    1. RichardTiberius

      Thank you for your comments. Three exclamation points, wow. I’m flattered. Yes, the father-daughter arrangement has been great for the father (me). All my adult life I juggled two careers, as a professor of psychology and a painter. A few years ago when I retired as professor it was a huge change going from total emersion with people to the rather isolating work of painting. My daughter Kiry joining the studio has made all the difference. We discuss every painting. When one of us is stuck, he or she consults the other. I’m so lucky to be able to spend time during my retirement with my daughter. And she is so talented, if I must say so myself. 🙂
      Kind regards,

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