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Not a Common Focus

September 18, 2019By Richard Tiberius

In my last blog I explored one of my goals in painting, namely, to capture the “character” of a tree. I searched the Internet to find out if any artists or art critics have written about the character of trees. I found just a few…


August 14, 2019By Richard Tiberius

One of my goals in painting trees is to capture the “character”of the tree, but, until recently, I had not thought deeply about what I mean by that. Then, a visit to friends near Rochester, N.Y. triggered some research and thinking…

Red Maple and Sumac in Fall

June 19, 2016By Richard Tiberius

What excited me about the scene of Red Maple and Sumac was the colors. Not just the intensity of the color, but the range. Sumacs display every hue in the rainbow. My neighbor asked me why I put all those colors in the sumac leaves. Is…

My Furry Painting Companion

January 12, 2015By Kiry Tiberius

Sometimes I paint with my dog on my lap. Of course, I have to be careful not to get paint on him. Wolfie (short for Wolfgang) is a Maltese, so his white fur makes any paint quite noticeable. At one point, while I was painting the…

SoMi Art Walk Opening Night

October 13, 2014By Kiry Tiberius

Last Friday was the South Miami Art Walk opening event. Green Monkey South Miami, the studio where I currently teach yoga—another occupation of mine—hosted the Tiberius Art Studio. Together, my father and I had fifteen paintings on…

celebrating nature

May 1, 2011By Richard Tiberius

Our art celebrates the beauty and complexity of wild nature. We hope our work will encourage the conservation of wild habitats. All of us are aware of the immeasurable value of plants in providing useful products—from food to…

story telling in words

May 1, 2011By Richard Tiberius

During dinner conversation, Richard was telling a friend about the story behind one of his paintings.  The friend found the story very interesting and wondered aloud whether Richard had ever written any of them down. On his suggestion…

story telling in paint

May 1, 2011By Richard Tiberius

The empathy we feel for a species is enhanced by knowledge of its natural history and ecology, that is, the story of each species and its relationships with the rest of the natural world. The story shapes the composition of our…

the process

May 1, 2011By Richard Tiberius

We paint exclusively with knives, not brushes. With knives we can sculpt the texture of the paint, which provides a three-dimensional quality to the painting. Another advantage is that knives can be cleaned with a single stroke of a…


May 1, 2011By Richard Tiberius

Finding the place of our paintings within the world of art is perhaps a task better left to art historians. Our guess is that our paintings lie somewhere at the crossroads between Naturalism, Impressionism, and Realism. Surely, what we…

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