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Do Landscape Paintings Appeal to Our Survival Instincts?

One of the questions that has always puzzled me is what motivates people to buy paintings or photographs of landscapes and hang them on their walls.  Is there something in our evolutionary history that predisposes us to prefer landscape paintings? In this video I  reviewed the works of Denis Dutton and Daniel Berlyne who attempt to understand our inherent preferences for certain types of landscape art.


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  1. Tom

    Hi – I presently live in New Brunswick, Canada – am 79 yrs plus with a little bit of artistic talent – I am overwhelmed by your paintings, both of you, and am amazed as to how anybody could paint such detail with a knife – hope to try it before “the dust settles” so to speak – do you have any videos present displaying how you go about some of it? – lovely to see your daughter excels as well – I have one daughter and four boys – she and her older brother are both retired in their fifties – nice to have an offspring portray similar interest to her or his parent(s) – beautiful work – “thank you both – Tom

    1. RichardTiberius

      Hi Tom,
      Thank you for taking the time to write and for your kind words about our art. I lived in Canada for 38 years. My painter daughter was born there. I miss the northern landscapes. The nature in Florida is also beautiful but it took me a long time to get used to it. The idea of so many plants growing on top of other plants was a little overwhelming at first, but now I enjoy the complexity.

      Detailed painting with knives is time consuming. We usually spend about 100 hours to complete a composition. That’s probably the reason why we have not tried to make a video of our technique. I’m afraid if we did make a video it would viewed only by people who have the patience to watch grass grow. On the other hand, we wouldn’t go back to brush painting because we love the textural effects that can be produced with a knife.

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