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Richard Tiberius and Kiry Tiberius

You may have guessed, from the updates to the website, that Kiry Tiberius has officially joined her father, Richard, to form the Tiberius Art Studio.  They have worked together on and off for many years, but recently have developed a shared space where they can more easily exchange ideas about composition and techniques.

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  1. Luiz Carlos Pinto Martins

    I read the interesting Whashington Post article on you, and then came to your art website. I am amazed with your art work quality. Congratulations. Cheers from Brazil.

    PS: I am 73 also and continue working but I am not an artist.

    1. RichardTiberius

      Thank you very much for your kind words about our art. We have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Brazil but we hear that the tropical scenery is beautiful.

      Kind regards,
      Richard and Kiry Tiberius

  2. Felicia

    I saw a video on you both. Your work is so beautiful! Do you do just your photos, or is there possibility of people donating photos for you both? I also volunteer at the Wildlife Refuge here and think it would be cool to donate re winning photos.

    1. RichardTiberius

      Thank you, Felicia! We have responded via email.

  3. Yunus Bayraktar

    I am an engineer(70). living in İzmir/ Turkey. I am retired for more than two years and I am also painting. A friend of mine transmitted your video this morning. I wathced it again and again.You are doing marvellous Art work using painting spatulas. I congratulate you both and I will follow you closely from today on.Best regards from İzmir Turkey

    1. RichardTiberius

      Yunus, Thank you for your kind comments about our art. Today’s technology is amazing to me, to think that someone from a distant country can write us as if he were next door, sharing our mutual appreciation of art. This was not possible when I was growing up. I’m 75 now.It is especially reaffirming to us as painters of nature that people all over the world appreciate nature.

      My eldest daughter (not the painter) and son in law visited Turkey last year. They had a fabulous time. The people, the food, the scenery, the history all were marvelous.

      By the way I noticed that you used the phrase “painting spatulas” to describe the tools we use. That is exactly what they are–little spatulas. But in the art world they are referred to as painting knives. You would be surprised at how many messages we have received from people who demanded to know why we call them “knives” when they are clearly spatulas! Perhaps if there were more people like you, we could start a trend to rename the tools.
      Kind regards, Richard

  4. Ivan Silver

    Hi Richard

    It’s nice to see that you and your daughter Kiri are thriving together.
    Wishing you well and I think of you often (and so do a large cohort of educators in Toronto)

    Fondly, Ivan

    1. RichardTiberius

      Thanks Ivan. As you guessed in your note, I have been enjoying painting in the studio with my daughter Kiry. Painting can be a lonely business, but it’s a lot better when there is someone else with whom I can discuss the process when I’m working on a painting. And Kiry is an excellent critic.
      Kind regards,

      1. Sue F. Scattergood

        Did you live in Tuckahoe, NY, in the 40’s and 50’s and draw beautiful trees on a blackboard?
        Sue F.

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