When you live in the bush, or spend a great deal of time there, you begin to feel a sense of the mysticism, the powerful spirit of the land. Nature becomes a Presence that is woven into the landscape. Richard’s work captures not only the beauty of Nature but also that elusive spiritual Presence that is the essence of Nature. I feel that Presence strongly when I look at his paintings.Sometimes when I’m in the natural world I am startled by its beauty˜the light shining through the spring green of popular leaves, the rough trunks of trees, a mysterious swamp. I feel transfixed, overwhelmed. I try to memorize it so that I can carry it with me always. Sometimes I forget. Richard has captured those moments in oil. When I look at his paintings I relive my own experiences. They are like a catalyst for my memory.

Yvonne Hastings was born and grew up on an island in the Churchill River in Saskatchewan, close to the Manitoba border.

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